Napoleon Stone’s split drywall retaining wall stone is a very user friendly natural stone product given its relatively light weight, uniform thicknesses and bed depths. Easy to handle for DIY projects, our split drywall landscape stone is also easy to stack by hand.  The natural earth tone colors of our stone looks great in most any retaining wall application.  Split Drywall stone works great in either a dry stack application or in a mortared stone retaining wall application.

Napoleon Stone’s split drywall landscape stone lends itself to a variety of applications such as small and large stone retaining walls, raised flowerbeds and planters. A homeowner might build a simple accent wall bordering a garden just a few inches tall, while a professional might build a retaining wall up to 10 feet tall along a shoreline.  Our split drywall retaining wall stone is available in several sizes and styles depending on one’s preference or need.

All our pallets are stacked with the highest quality providing all of our customers with the highest yields and most usable product per pallet.


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