Napoleon Stone outcropping and ledgerock stone is perfect for creating a seamless transition from a natural environment into a man-made one.  Our outcropping stone is a great way to add a unique natural look to any landscape whether it be a commercial landscape or a residence.  Our buff-colored outcropping and ledgreock stone is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8”-20″ in thickness. Our outcropping can be used for stone retaining walls, break walls, bridges over small ponds, break-walls, natural benches, stone seats for ampitheaters, erosion control, sitting stones and accent stone; the possibilities are virtually endless.

Building stone retaining walls is among the most popular (and practical) uses of stone in landscaping.  A homeowner might build a simple accent wall bordering a garden just a few inches tall, while professional might build a stone etaining wall up to 20 feet tall along a shoreline. Our outcropping stone and ledgerock stone is available in several sizes, colors and styles depending on one’s preference or need.

Nothing beats the natural beauty of natural stone retaining walls from Napoleon Stone.