Natural stone steps are a great addition to any outdoor landscaping environment, especially when changes in elevation are a feature of your design. Essentially, the role of stone steps is to get you from one level to another. Landscaping step design starts with the style of the landscape and home. Stone steps add interest to the landscape and can make a statement at an entry, pique curiosity about the destination, or simply provide easy access to other parts of the landscape. Landscaping steps and step treads can be decorative, with or without rails, edged with plants to add color, curved or straight, with or without landings.  

Correct sizing for landscape steps is very important. A common formula for landscape stone steps construction is a 6 inch riser and a 18 inch depth.  However, riser heights from 5 to 8 inches can be used. The relationship between riser and step tread should remain constant throughout the entire flight of stone steps/step treads.  Wider stone steps are perceived as more welcoming and allow side-by-side climbing.  Plus, wider natural steps also allow for container gardens or private spot on which to sit.

Napoleon Stone is the premier supplier of natural stone steps in the Midwest.  We produce several types of natural stone steps, step treads and stone slabs at our quarries in Southeast Michigan.  Natural Stone Steps by Napoleon Stone are generally irregular stone step material ranging from 3′-4′ long / 2′-2.5′ deep / 6″-8″  in thickness. Split Steps, also referred to as Step Treads, are more dimensional than natural steps and they all have natural tops and bottoms with the four sides split with one of our guillotines.  Our split steps come in 3’/4’/5′ lengths with bed depths of either 18″ or 24″ and are all generally 6″-8″ in thickness.  Sawn Steps by Napoleon Stone are similar to our split steps but they are sawn on the top and bottom to insure a uniform thickness.  Our sawn steps come in 3’/4’/5′ lengths with bed depths of either 18″ or 24″ and are primarily sold at a 6″ thickness (custom sizes are available upon request).  Finally, our Sawn Slabs are irregular sawn slabs of stone sawn to a particular thickness with random lengths and bed depths of 20″-24″.  They are a great option to consider when you seek a unique look to your outdoor landscape. 

All of our landscape stone step options are great choices in most any outdoor landscaping environment and will immediately  transform your landscape so that you are the envy of your neighborhood.  

Napoleon Stone is Michigan’s largest landscape stone quarry and supplier.  We are not a landscape contractor or landscape architect.  If you desire these services, we are happy to refer you partners with whom we work on a regular basis.

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